China calls for global QR code system to resume travel amid pandemic

QR code travel

Chinese President Xi Jinping has appealed to world leaders to create a global QR code system to enable cross-border travel of people amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As per the reports by international media, in a video conference message at the G-20 summit meeting held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Chinese President Xi Jinping has proposed a new method to smooth international travel which is on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

QR codes — in widespread use in China — are barcodes that hold information that can be scanned and read by smartphones.

He stated that over the global mechanism formulated as QR code technology, it would be possible to authenticate the health certificate based on the results of the nucleic acid test and therefore enable tourism.

President Xi further added that a maximum number of countries would be able to take part in the QR code technology-based travel resumption mechanism. He stressed the view that it is very essential to make our strategies and standards in a more fitting manner and formulate prompt ways to facilitate human travel.

It is pertinent to mention here that travel to foreign countries is still very problematic for a large number of countries. As the second wave of the coronavirus is making it impossible to lift restrictions on travelling.

In China, which has largely brought the coronavirus under control and has few domestic travel restrictions, mobile phone QR codes to prove health status and travel records have been mandatory since February. A green QR code means the holder is healthy and can travel, while a yellow or red code means the individual has to be quarantined.

Overall, the total number of coronavirus cases as of 26th November 2020 has reached 60,893,949 and death toll rise to 1,430,245. The overall recovery number is 42,183,745. USA (13,144,987), India (9,269,861) and Brazil (6,166,898) are the most effected countries with COVID-19.

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