Sindh launches drive against illegal use of blue, green number plates and police lights

Sindh police

District and traffic police have been instructed to conduct a province-wide campaign against the usage of police lights and illegally registered vehicles. This comes from Inspector General of Sindh Police Ghulam Nabi Memon. The focus of the crackdown is fake green and blue government number plates, and actions will be taken against those who use them. 

Such automobiles, he claimed, were frequently used in reckless driving and criminal activity. 

The IGP stated in a letter to district and traffic police chiefs that it had been noticed that several privately owned cars operating on provincial highways had blue/green number plates and police lights installed, giving the impression that they were official government vehicles. 

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Such automobiles are frequently used in hasty, illegal, and criminal behaviour on the roadways. Government employees, including police officers, have occasionally been seen driving about with green-and-blue number plates on their personal vehicles, the official said. 

Such personnel would face relevant legal action, including the filing of FIRs against them, the IGP said. 

He gave the order for an immediate province-wide campaign against unlawful green/blue plates and police lights to be launched by all DIGs/SSPs of districts and traffic police. 

The campaign against the fake green number plates would have start earlier, but due to heavy rain in the province the campaign got delayed. Furthermore, it is highlighted that the campaign would last for the following three months.  

Meanwhile, it has been detected that during the operation, a car with a fake green number plate tried to run over the traffic police officer when stopped for inspection. 

The order to launch a crackdown on fake green and blue number plates was issued by the IG on July 25, but the operation was delayed due to monsoon rains.

Ghulam Nabi Memon added that Police officers involved in such activities would also be penalised. The operations would continue for three months, he added.

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