Sikhs launch campaign in Melbourne with “Haryana Bany ga Khalistan” theme

Sikhs launch campaign in Melbourne with “Haryana Bany ga Khalistan” theme

In Melbourne City of Australia, a referendum was conducted by the pro secessionist Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) in which thousands of Sikhs participated, calling out the Sikhs in Australia to vote on January 29th with a motive “Haryana Bany ga Khalistan”

Several hundred young Sikhs carrying the yellow flags of Khalistan and wearing Shaheed Bhindranwale T-shirts marched and raised the slogans “Haryana bany ga Khalistan” for the voting process on January 29th.

Over the last few decades a large number of Sikhs from India specifically from the state of Haryana migrated to Australia constituting a big Sikh community there.

In Melbourne a referendum voting centre was setup which was dedicated to Shaheed Satwant Singh and Shaheed Kehar Singh who were hanged on January 6, 1989 in Tihar Jail Dehli for the charge of assassinating Indira Gandhi.

Following the referendum, Sikh For Justice SFJ created a map of Khalistan that marked the areas of India having Sikhs in majority. Shimla was declared as the capital and other areas included, Union territory  Chandigarh, state of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Sikh populated area of Rajasthan,  Utar Pradesh and Utarkhand.

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While the map presented by SFJ includes several territories and areas of India, they intentionally left Nankana Sahib and Kartarpur Sahib historical religious places of Sikhs in Pakistan, out of the map.

Not only in Melbourne,  referendum based on the same slogan has been launched in London, UK where voting started on October 31,2021. Up till now almost more than 6 million Sikhs have become a part of voting when polling was held in Geneva, Milan, Rome and Toronto.

Khalistan Movement has been banned in India since 2019 due its agenda of separating  Punjab as an independent State with having Sikh areas in majority. The fate of Khalistan Movement is not clear so far as Khalistan Movement activists are still gathering the Sikhs to make it successful.

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