Canada announces to reopen its visa centre in Pakistan

Canada announces to reopen its Visa centre in Pakistan

Canada, after a hiatus of 10 years announces to reopen its visa centre in Islamabad, Pakistan, which was shut down back then due to poor security system. Canada shifted its centre in Abu Dhabi and UK around ten years ago considering the poor security conditions in Pakistan.

In 2019, Pakistan’s high commissioner to Canada urged the country to shift back its office to high commission in Islamabad. Pakistan has requested Canada long time ago to review its decision of shifting the office to Gulf state because the immigrants were facing difficulties due to shifting of the office.

As other western countries shifted back their visa centres in Islamabad with improvement in security conditions Canada also decided to relocate  its Visa processing centre in Islamabad.

People who intended to go to Canada had to suffer by either travelling to Abu Dhabi or UK for the processing of their visa application. However, seeing a high number of Visa applications from Pakistan Canada decided to shift back its Visa office in Islamabad and according to reports Canadian Government has allocated a good amount for the construction of its office in Islamabad. The decision was made due to rising number of applications from Pakistan.

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Pakistan’s Ambassador to Canada has reported that reopening of the visa centre would allow the Canadian  immigrations to verify their credentials of applicants within Pakistan.

He also highlighted the improvement in security conditions and friendly foreign policy of the new Government, which would benefit Canada by allowing it to invest in various sectors such as automobiles, energy, telecom, manufacturing and tourism sectors.

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