SECP registered 2,354 new companies in March


The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has done the registration process of 2,354 new companies in March 2022, making the total number of registered companies 165,688.

In a press statement released by the SECP on Monday, total capitalization (paid-up-capital) with respect to recently incorporated companies for the existing month stood at Rs 3.5 billion.

Foreign investment has been stated in 53 new companies in March 2022. These companies have foreign stockholders from Bangladesh, Belgium, Afghanistan, Canada, China, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Germany, Jordan, Malaysia, Korea South, the Netherlands, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Thailand, South Africa, UAE, the USA, and the UK.

Moreover, during the month of March, almost 63 percent of companies were listed as private limited companies, whereas 34 percent were single-member companies. The rest of the 3 percent companies were registered as public unlisted companies, trade organizations, not-for-profit associations, and limited liability partnerships (LLP). Also, 99.6 percent of companies were listed online and 215 foreign users were registered from overseas.

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Meanwhile, the real estate development and construction segment grabbed the leading position with the incorporation of 458, information technology having 365, trading with 258, services at 232, education has 110, food and beverages with 75, tourism with 72, textile contains 68, corporate agricultural farming with 60, engineering with 57, marketing & advertisement and commerce with 55 each, a chemical with 47, pharmaceutical with 46, healthcare with 45, mining and quarrying with 37, and transport with 36. While 333 companies had been registered in other sectors.

Consequently, from the integration of SECP with FBR and various other provincial departments, 2,033 companies were registered simultaneously with FBR for the production of NTN, 47 companies with EOBI, while 16 companies with Punjab Employees Social Security Institution (PESSI) and Punjab Employees Social Security Institution (SESSI).

The SECP is the economic regulatory body in Pakistan which is intended to develop an up-to-date and efficient corporate sector and a capital market on the basis of comprehensive authority values to encourage investment and raise economic evolution and prosperity in Pakistan

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