Saudi Arabia lifts quarantine requirement for COVID vaccinated foreign visitors

Saudi Arabia quarantine

Good news for those who are travelling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from permitted countries by air that now you can visit the country without completing quarantine period, only if you have received your Covid vaccine. 

Pakistan, UAE, Germany, US, UK, South Africa, France, Egypt, Lebanon, India, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey all are remain banned from entering into Saudi Arabia to stop the continuous spread of coronavirus into the Kingdom. 

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Non-Saudi travelers entering in the kingdom by air from qualified countries who are completely vaccinated or who have had COVID-19 and recovered will no longer be required to stay in government-approved hotels for seven days as long as they present an official vaccination certificate upon arrival, according to the civil aviation authority (GACA). 

Currently, all passengers entering the kingdom must be quarantined for seven to fourteen days, depending on their origin nations, and present negative PCR testing. 

Meanwhile, as on May 20, everyone above the age of eight who has not been vaccinated must quarantine for seven days at their own expense upon arriving in Saudi Arabia and show a negative PCR test on the sixth day of their arrival, according to GACA. 

However, they must also present a valid health insurance coverage that covers COVID-19 risks. They’ll also need to show proof of a negative PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before flying to the kingdom. 

Separately, the Saudi ministry of interior warned that owing to COVID-19 threats, Saudi residents are still prohibited from flying directly or indirectly to 13 countries without prior permission from authorities. 

Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iran, Turkey, Armenia, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, Belarus, and India are the countries involved. 

To assist combat the spread of the coronavirus, the kingdom banned entrance from 20 countries in February, with the exception of diplomats, Saudi nationals, medical practitioners, and their families. 

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