Sanam Jung introduces Pakistan’s first woman-led fragrance brand

Sanam Jung Fragrances

Sanam Jung has recently launched a range of diverse and unique fragrances. She is offering three variants at initial stage, only available in Pakistan.  

The Dil-e-Muztar stunner shared her launching brand news with her fans by taking on Instagram to share a glimpse of her first collection. “So there you have it, I have introduced my own fragrance line,” she announced. 

“I’ve always been a perfume connoisseur, and launching my own fragrance collection was a lifelong ambition of mine.”  

Sanam Jung Fragrances has finally arrived! 

“To inaugurate this venture I have created three scents that have been able to truly capture my essence and all that I love about perfumes now all you have to do is try them out!” 

Currently, Jung is offering three variants — Mystic Fall, Heavenly Divine and Forever Crush — with each bottle priced at Rs4,000. The fragrance line is available only in Pakistan. 

She wrote on Instagram, “Lastly, I would like to give a special mention to the people without whom it would’ve been impossible. My soul sister @ifrahhumayun who gave this campaign the perfect finish. She was a constant support and there from the scratch. In this pandemic it was very difficult for everyone to be on their toes 24/7 but this woman actually made it happen!” 

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Sanam Jung further wrote, “From sleepless nights to numerous video calls and a zillion wardrobe trials, this woman had me covered in every way possible.” 

“thanks to @shamshahashwani and her team for designing a distinct look for each Fragrance according to its vibe. 

Shamsha you did a fabulous job from choosing the perfect material, colour palette and cut: You have put it all together beautifully, bringing it to life.” 

She then mentioned the link from where you can grab her newly launched fragrances, Get your own at: (Link in bio) Sanamjung Official Website: www.sanamjungofficial.com 

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