Aijaz Aslam Launches A Skincare Line In Pakistan

skincare Aijaz Aslam

Aijaz Aslam has introduced a skincare line that is the culmination of his personal experiences, journey and a vision to provide natural and organic solutions for all.

The actor’s skincare product includes a range of natural and herbal products for both women and men, that are available online.

He also revealed how the products are all in collaboration with Hemani and it took him around a year.

“People always ask me what I eat, my lifestyle, how to delay the aging process or stay fit,” Aijaz said, speaking to Images about how the idea to begin his new venture came about and how his line is different from the rest.

“Previously, everyone used to rely on natural, organic items for their skin issues. My range too, has herbs, essential oil extracts and silver flakes which are very good for the skin, keeping it healthy naturally and helping regenerate skin cells,” Aijaz Aslam revealed, adding that most of the skincare products are anti-aging.

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“It’s pore-tightening with a little factor included for sunblock. Since herbal products don’t have any side effects, you can use as much as you want.”
However, his new venture isn’t restricted to products for women only.

“What we’ve made is from herbs so it’s effective for hair growth, can be used after shower and it’s not oil-based so pretty convenient,” Aijaz said.

“It has a natural unique fragrance and also provides a soothing effect, nourishing the skin beneath the beard.”

While The ‘Silver Range’ will comprise of real silver flakes and gold extracts, the ‘Advance Self Care and Grooming Products’ will include organic extracts, he concluded, revealing that he wishes to encourage people to consume local products.

“In the future, I’ll be working on health and food supplements and a clothing line too,” he said, adding that an alcohol-free hand sanitiser and moisturiser is also on his list.

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