Russia’s space agency chief declares Venus a “Russian planet”

Venus a Russian planet

The person in charge of Russia’s government space agency Dmitry Rogozin claimed that Venus is a “Russian planet”.

The audacious claim comes from the Russian scientific research, which proposes there could be a life on planet Venus after experts from the UK said they had found signs of phosphine in Venus’ atmosphere — suggesting the planet must support unknown chemical processes, or even life.

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Dmitry Rogozin the Roscosmos chief who is known for promoting eccentric views said that Russia desires to send its own team to Venus, in addition to an already planned combined mission with the United States named as “Venera-D”.

Rogozin who was a former deputy prime minister said “We think that Venus is a Russian planet, so we shouldn’t lag behind, according to Russian space chief, the Soviet Union was the “first and the only one” to land a spacecraft on Venus.

“The spacecraft gathered information about the planet — it is like hell over there,” he said.

According to a journal called Nature Astronomy which is written by a British and an American scientist, who discovered phosphine gas in the clouds around planet Venus. Which is considered to be a vital sign of life on planet Venus.

Venus is taken as the hottest planet of our solar system as the planet’s atmosphere is almost made up of carbon dioxide and it is the second planet from the sun.

The newly study ignited public interest in Venus, and also provide motivation to Roscosmos chief to remind the people of this world the achievements accomplished by Soviet Union.

The NASA’s Mariner 2 turn out to be the first spacecraft to fly by Venus and measure its extreme surface temperature back in 1962. At that time Soviet Union initiated the Venera spaceship and in 1970 Venera 7 became the first spaceship to make a successful soft landing on the planet, however, the spacecraft melted in seconds.

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