Royal Group of China to establish milk farming units in Pakistan

milk farming units

The Royal Group of China, a Chinese business, is looking forward to setting up buffalo milk farming units all over Pakistan to manufacture high-quality fresh milk, cheese, milk powder, and other dairy products. 

According to the news fetched from a meeting held to reconnoiter the launch of buffalo milk farming units in Pakistan, Chief Executive Royal Group of China updated Federal Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives Asad Umar, about their future strategies.

Dr. Hamid Jalil, a member of the Ministry of Planning’s Food Security and Climate Change Committee, as well as other senior authorities, showed their presence at the conference. 

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The Minister was further informed about the Buffalo commercial investment in Pakistan, by the China Royal Group’s Chief Executive. 

He specified that they have a plan to establish six labs in Pakistan, each in a separate city, to make buffalo embryos by means of a high-quality genetic In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) technique. 

Moreover, he also conveyed that this company will chalk out to construct a large FMD-free buffalo farm which will help to generate premium buffalo milk, which will consequently be administered into powdered milk and mozzarella cheese. 

Besides this, they are eagerly anticipating setting up a Semen Production Unit (SPU) for buffalo, aiming to look after and manage bull breeding. 

Asad Umar welcomed the commission and guaranteed them all accessible facilities. He uttered that the Pakistani government has no bureaucratic red tape and that the Ministry of Planning and the CEPC Authority is committed to the promotion of Chinese investment. 

In addition to this, Asad Umar apprised the Royal CE of China that the Investor Facilitation Center under the CPEC Authority will be functioning soon, which will support stockholders to resolve all the concerned issues. 

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