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Research centre for cardiovascular diseases will be established in front of AFIC

cardiovascular diseases

The research center is going to be established to comprehend the reasons behind increasing cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) in Pakistan.

According to details, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) is being increased among people in the country the reasons for which are not yet clear. This is why the country is taking steps to make prevention by establishing a research department in this regard. Health Services Academy Vice-Chancellor Dr. Shahzad Ali Khan has been nominated as the focal person for the project and as a representative of the Ministry of National Health Services (NHS).

The center will be established in a six-story building at a cost of Rs 8 billion and the defense ministry has been nominated as the executing agency of the project. All cardiology institutions will be members of the center once the building is complete which is expected to be completed within 3 years.

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While talking to the media, Health Services Academy Vice-Chancellor said: “Research will be carried out to find out which foods and medicines cause cardiovascular diseases in people. The proposal for the establishment of this center was floated two years back however many wanted to know why research should be carried out near the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology and National Institute of Heart Diseases (AFIC-NIHD). I had pointed out that many people prefer to go to AFIC for treatment which is why research must be done there.”

Mr. Khan said the center would therefore be established in front of the AFIC-NIHD in Rawalpindi. “I believe that the center will play a vital role towards finding reasons for increasing cases of heart diseases and solutions to address them,” he added.

He further said that food and medicines have side effects and these can vary depending on what people’s health choices are, he said, adding that, “we have results of research carried out on people in other countries but we cannot depend on it.”

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