Rescue 1122 in Attock received 471,658 prank calls in 2021

Rescue 1122

More than 471,600 prank calls have been received by the rescue 1122 in Attock 2021, proves the nonserious attitude of people towards police.

According to the district emergency officer Engineer Kamran Rasheed, Rescue 1122 Attock has received at least 471,658 prank calls in 2021, which proved irksome for officials in the main control room who remained on alert round-the-clock to arrange ambulances and fire trucks in case of an emergency.

The officer further informed the media that, “Last year, the emergency service received 518,900 calls in which 18,266 were genuine and the remaining pranks,” said Mr Rasheed.

Expressing his displeasure, he said irrelevant calls wasted precious time of the rescuers.

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“The bogus phone call phenomenon has burdened our human resource and sometimes leads to a debacle because many genuine calls are then missed and not responded to on time,” he said by adding that citizens need to understand the delicacy and significance of emergency numbers as it can deprive the actual victim from their rights which should be provided timely to rescue or emergency medical treatment.

Mr. Rasheed said he had directed rescue officers to ensure quality emergency care of citizens without any discrimination within the shortest possible time.

When he was asked a question, he said Punjab Emergency Service, Rescue 1122 Attock rescued 18,993 people during the year in which 2,968 were road accident victims, 12,127 were medical emergency, 416 fire cases, 243 injuries due to quarrel, 64 drowning cases while 2,440 were treated in other emergencies.

During these emergencies, he said that 2,583 victims were provided first aid on the spot whereas 16,158 victims were immediately shifted to different hospitals of Attock. He further said 4,174 victims were shifted to different hospitals of Rawalpindi under patient transfer services.

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