Report on unemployment released


Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) issued its recent report on unemployment in the country that revealed over 31 percent of the degree holders comprising professional ones, are jobless with females at 51 percent and males at 16 percent.

For Pakistan, where approximately 60 percent of the people is aged less than 30 years, the window of opportunities become even more important. As per a press release provided from PIDE in Peshawar on Sunday, the report said that if we take the employment developments as a pointer of existing opportunities in the country.

The stated unemployment ratio of 6.9 percent is measured to be contented and often makes headlines. A large number of females and those living in urban areas are jobless than their male and rural counterparts.

Moreover, PIDE’s research conveys that a shockingly large portion of the working-age group does not make a portion of the labour force. These individuals are either dispirited workers or have other ways of income to support them. Whereas in spite of statements and policy initiatives, the female labour force participation rate (LFPR) remains surprisingly low, the report said.

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Regardless of all the dialogue about the youth bulge and gaining the demographic dividend, the rate of unemployment is the maximum for the young new candidates in the labour force. It will take around a decade or more for youth to be employed, the report declared.

The report also exposed that Education is deliberated a solution and the key to all opportunities. The genuineness though shows us otherwise. Passing by the LFS, graduate joblessness is very high. More than 31 percent of the youth with degrees, comprising professional ones, are jobless with females at 51 percent and males at 16 percent. Rural graduate joblessness is much greater than urban, pleading the question of movement.

Besides, the study also cited that Services remain the biggest employer with retail and wholesale trade the main portion in the urban zones, whereas agriculture (including both cultivation and livestock) remains to employ the majority in rural Pakistan.

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