Ramiz Raja desires to change the selection policy after Saliva ban

Ramiz Raja

Pakistan cricket specialist and world famous cricket commentator Ramiz Raja said that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) needs to change its selection policy after the saliva ban enforced by the International Cricket Council (ICC) due to coronavirus factor.

While talking to his followers on YouTube video streaming service Ramiz Raja highlighted that PCB must need to think about its attacking options before going to tour of England as the bowlers will be unable to swing the bowl after the saliva ban.

Saliva helps in swinging the ball by making one side of the ball shine and keeping the other side rough. As there will be no saliva that means you are unable to do the reverse swing or outswing. Teams win different sessions in test format through the shiny ball. Now with the absence of saliva, only those bowlers who can bowl with accuracy along with good line and length will be successful.

The former cricketer also suggests some fast bowler’s name which includes Dilbar Hussain and Haris Rauf because of the fact that these two can bowl with accuracy and at a good pace. With the coming of the new policy, the selection committee needs to add these kinds of faces in the squad ahead of England tour.

While turning towards spin bowlers Ramiz Raja also suggests some names. He was concerned over the selection of Yasir Shah because the spinner needs a shiny ball to turn things around but with the ban, the spin bowler Yasir Shah won’t be very handy.

The best option for the current scenario is Mohammad Nawaz and Farzan Raja because they can bowl accurately as well as the spinners know how to do variations.

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