Punjab’s first ever baseball stadium to be established in Lahore soon

Lahore baseball

Punjab to have a baseball stadium soon in Lahore as allocation of space for the stadium has been assured by Punjab Sports Minister.

The assurance was given during the meeting of Pakistan Federation Baseball (PBF) and Punjab Baseball Association (PBA) which was held, under the supervision of Syed Fakhar Shah, President PBF. Punjab Sports Minister Rai Taimoor Khan Bhatti assured to allocate space for the first-ever baseball stadium in Lahore.

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Sheikh Mazhar Ahmed, Secretary PBF said that the president briefed the minister that Pakistan had achieved 5th ranking in Asia and 27th in the World, but there was no baseball stadium specified for the game.

“We have to hold our competitions, both domestic and international at football or cricket grounds, which is creating problems in the development of baseball,” the secretary said.

During the meeting, PFB chief briefed the Sports Minister about the efforts being made for the further development and promotion of baseball. “Baseball is gaining immense popularity in Pakistan and especially in Punjab which speaks volumes of our efforts for the uplift of the game,” he added.

He further said, “With the holding of this event baseball will be played at school and college level, which will help in spotting fresh talent and its grooming under a development plan to form future Pakistan’s youth, women’s and senior baseball teams.”

“In the given circumstances we have left with no option but to hold baseball competitions in cricket and football grounds which greatly affects the development of baseball,” he said adding, “If the Punjab government provides us a baseball ground with allied facilities it will help in supplementing our ongoing efforts to further develop the game on solid lines.”

The game of baseball had also been included in the calendar of activities of the Pakistan Inter-Board, which means now baseball would be held at school and college levels as well.

The Minister then concluded, “We will also extending help for the provision of a baseball stadium to provide an ideal platform to PBF to organize its baseball events and allied training and coaching programmes under one roof.”

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