PTI Government recalls economic achievements during two years tenure

PTI Government two years

Advisor to Prime Minister Imran Khan on Finance and Revenue Abdul Hafeez Sheikh highly acknowledged the economic progress made during the two years tenure of the PTI government.

In a press conference along with Federal Ministers and SAPMs, Hafeez Sheikh acknowledged the progress that has been made during the phase of two years under PTI’s government. He said that neutral international observers appreciated the economic growth made despite the crisis of COVID-19. And said that coronavirus pandemic was a real challenge and despite all crises, PTI government managed it well and the economy also grew well.

While talking about the Ehsaas Emergency Cash programme, under which the government handed out cash to lower-income families hit by the health crisis, Minister for Finance Abdul Hafeez Sheikh said, “It was the first time that a government had introduced a relief programme to support the masses. Millions of people had benefitted from the cash programme.”

He also said that PTI government has introduced cheap loans during these two years to support small traders so that their staff may not be fired due to lack of funds and his government provided enough relief to all traders as it paid their bills during the pandemic crisis for at least three months.

The economy grew and a 6 percent increase in exports was also observed in the past month, cement sales also increased considerably.
He further said, “Due to the government’s policies, economic observers and organisations like Moody’s, Fitch and Bloomberg had improved Pakistan’s rating.”

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Furthermore, Shah Mahmood Qureshi Foreign Minister discussed the international stage initiatives that have been taken up by the present government. According to him, the country’s stance could not be conveyed to the world as there was no Foreign Minister for a long period of time. But now the PTI government has made efforts to end the diplomatic isolation by developing friendly relations with other countries that improved ties with the international community.

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