PTI government borrowed $12 billion foreign loans in seven months

foreign loans

As per the report, issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MEA) about foreign loans, the government has borrowed loans, worth $12.022 during the period from July to January in the current fiscal year.

The government had targeted to borrow $14.088 billion in the ongoing fiscal year. It means, about 86 percent of the target of borrowing, set for this year has been met. $12.022 billion does not include the $1.2 billion of foreign debt in the Naya Pakistan Certificate from Pakistanis, living abroad and $1 billion, Pakistan received from International Monetary Fund recently.

Around $9.5 billion have been taken for non-productive purposes in seven months of this financial year against the set target of $12.16 in the whole year. The report shows that about 80 percent of loans have been taken for the imports of oil, budget financing, and building up the foreign exchange reserves.

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From the report of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, it is clear that the amount of foreign loans has been increasing since the fiscal year 2018-19 when $10.59 billion were borrowed, in 2019-20, $10.662 billion were taken and in the fiscal year 2020-21, $14.28 billion were borrowed as foreign loans.

$3.329 have been taken from multilateral lenders, $3 billion of time deposit from Saudi Arabia, $2.623 billion from private banks, and $2.041 billion are of international bonds. $196 million have been taken from bilateral lenders and $179 million are in the form of grants.

Moreover, $1.68 billion have been taken as the support of foreign-funded projects and $832 million have been received for publicly guaranteed loans. $2.04 has been taken through international bonds against the set target of 3.5 billion. $2.623 billion have been borrowed from commercial banks against the set target of 4.87 billion during the whole fiscal year.

From the multilateral sources, $1.09 have been received from Asian Development Bank, $1.086 billion have been borrowed from Islamic Development Bank and $847 million have been received from the World Bank.

From bilateral sources, China gave $100 million of loans, and the Unite States of America gave the loan of $45 million. $196 million have been taken from bilateral sources during the first seven months of the current fiscal year.

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