Proposal For New Road Near Margalla Hills Raises Environmental Concerns

Proposal For New Road Near Margalla Hills Raises Environmental Concerns

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is considering building a 5-kilometer road from a popular restaurant to Bari Imam, a move that could damage the Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP), according to a media report. The proposal will be reviewed by the CDA’s Planning and Engineering Wings, which will advise the relevant authorities. If approved, the Engineering Wing will prepare a Project-Concept (PC-1) for the CDA Development Working Party’s approval. 

However, the potential road construction has raised environmental concerns, as the MHNP’s natural environment could be threatened by human interventions in its green areas, including road building and increased traffic. The national park is a protected area that provides habitat for diverse flora and fauna, and is a popular destination for tourists and nature lovers. 

The Margalla Hills have already faced various environmental challenges due to human activities, such as the construction of residential buildings and recreational facilities, which have damaged the natural landscape and wildlife. Visitors to the park also often leave behind trash and cause disturbance to the ecosystem. Moreover, vehicle pollution from the increased traffic is contributing to air and noise pollution in the area. 

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The federal government has identified almost 100 illegally occupied spots in the national park, and the climate change ministry has been pushing for action to protect the park’s environment. The proposed road project could exacerbate these environmental issues, unless adequate measures are taken to mitigate the negative impacts. 

The CDA and other relevant authorities should consider the environmental implications of the road construction proposal and consult with experts and stakeholders to ensure that the project is planned and implemented in a sustainable and responsible manner. The Margalla Hills National Park is a valuable natural asset that should be preserved for present and future generations to enjoy. 

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