Probe into fake COVID data entries by Punjab health officials launched in Lahore

Lahore Probe fake COVID

Nine health officers in Lahore have been suspended and probe is ordered after fake and fictitious entries of COVID data during the month of August.

The Punjab primary and secondary healthcare department found “fake and fictitious entries” of coronavirus after which 9 health officers have been suspended. According to the probe notification issued by the department, reveals that the COVID data from Lahore, spanning from August 23 to August 31, was systematically examined and it was noted, “Upon thorough examination/ scrutiny of data for the said period, following fake/ fictitious entries are found.”

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Then 9 areas were found in Lahore where smart sampling of the virus was carried out during the eight days. The official notification reads, “It is proved that the deputy district health officers of Ravi, Cantt, Allama Iqbal, Gulberg, Aziz Bhatti, Nishter, Shalimar and Wagha towns were involved in making fake, forged and irreverent data in the dashboard.”

It further adds that the district health officer DHA “has shown lethargic and careless attitude towards his official assignment and it seems that he has been involved in intentional omission and commission of data.”

It was said that the wrong coronavirus entries are the result of inefficiency and misconducting ways of officials and that this carelessness of the officials was tantamount to of their incompetency.

“The primary and secondary healthcare department has a system in place that detects such entries,” said a senior health official, who asked not to be named, “We held an initial probe, but now we have ordered a full inquiry.”

The notification proposes placing the deputy district health officers of the named areas under suspension while a probe is ongoing.

Moreover, it is believed that many other cities should also be probed as more fake data entries are expected to be found.

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