Priyantha Kumara’s widow given $100,000 & Rajco to send monthly salary for 10 years

Priyantha widow

Prime Minister Imran Khan has appreciated Sialkot business community and Rajco industries for extending assistance to the widow of Sri Lankan National Priyantha Kumara who was killed by violent mob in Sialkot last year.

On Monday, the widow of Sri Lankan citizen recieved the funds raised by Sialkot business community and the monthly salary which the company will send the family for the next 10 years.

Kumara was viciously lynched in Sialkot in December last year on blasphemy grounds.

According to a statement released by the PTI on Twitter, $100,000 has been deposited to the bank account of Kumara’s widow in Sri Lanka, along with a first pay of $2000.

Prime Minister Imran Khan declared that the business community in Sialkot had raised $100,000 for the deceased’s family and that his salary would continue to be sent to Priyantha Kumara’s widow.

The Lynched Incident

After being charged of blasphemy, Priyantha Kumara, a manager of a private plant in Sialkot, was tortured to death by a mob in December.

The foreigner had allegedly committed blasphemy, according to workers at a garment factory on Sialkot’s Wazirabad Road. After that, he was lynched and his body was set on fire.

According to authorities, the crowd also wrecked the factory and disrupted traffic.

Senior government officials, including the prime minister and president, as well as the military’s top leadership, have all condemned the barbaric murder and committed to bring all those responsible to justice.

Over 100 Arrested by Police

More than 100 suspects had been detained, including two who were identified as the primary culprits, and a case had been filed in this regard.

A complaint has been lodged under the parameters of the Anti-Terrorism Act, with the police as the complainant, according to a handout published by the Punjab police spokesman.

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