Prices of tomatoes, ghee, 22 other items hiked as inflation rate increased by 12.66%


Tomatoes, potatoes, ghee, and 22 other products including mutton, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders have seen price increases across the country, according to a weekly inflation report. 

Inflation in Pakistan has surged by 12.66 percent, according to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), after being registered at 0.2 percent last week. 

According to the weekly PBS report, the price of a household cylinder of LPG climbed by Rs 43.96 per kg, ghee prices jumped by Rs 2.99 per kg, and mutton prices jumped by Rs 4.58 per kg. 

The research also revealed that the price of tomatoes increased by Rs 10.67 per kg in the previous week, while the price of potatoes increased by 49 paisas per kg. 

While the costs of 22 products increased in the last week, the costs of ten things dropped. According to the weekly data, the average price of sugar declined by Rs 6.72 to Rs 100.33 per kg. 

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Similarly, a 20 kg bag of flour became cheaper by Rs 11.5 per dozen, while eggs became cheaper by Rs 6.65 per dozen. 

Utility Store Prices Shoot Up  As inflation break records

Meanwhile, the cost of numerous commodities in utility stores has risen dramatically, with the cost of cooking oil reaching Rs 110 a litre following a Rs 14 hike. 

According to private media group, the price of ghee has risen by Rs 15 to Rs 49 per kg. The price of 2 kg of washing powder has also gone up from Rs 10 to Rs 21, while the price of 100 gm of body lotion has gone up by Rs 20. 

At utility stores, the price of 42 mg of shoe polish has risen by Rs 10, the price of 500 ml of liquid bleach for clothes has risen by Rs 20, and the price of one litre of toilet cleaner has risen to Rs 41. 

The cost of 180 ml of various shampoo brands has increased by Rs 4, the cost of 60 gram of bath soap has increased by Rs 15, the cost of 228 ml of hand wash has increased by Rs 9, and the cost of an 800 ml bottle of sharbat has increased by Rs 40. 

The price of 300 gm of pickle has gone up by Rs 20 to Rs 44, while many other edible and home items have gone up in price, including noodles, insecticides, and dishwashers. 

The influence of the increase in open market prices, according to the authorities, has also affected utility stores. 

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