Price of Pakistan’s first Jolta electric bike revealed

electric bike price

Prime Minister Imran Khan unveiled Pakistan’s first locally built electric bike (E-Bike) last week and now the price of the bike has now been revealed. According to media reports, the Jolta Electric Bike JE-70’s launch price is Rs 82,500. Furthermore, in Eco Mode, it can drive up to 80 kilometres, while in Turbo Mode, it can travel up to 60 kilometres. On a flat road, the bike has 1000W of power and a top speed of 60 km/h.

Usman Sheikh, CEO of Jolta Electric, claimed in an interview that the bikes had received a huge reaction from buyers. He did not, however, reveal the exact amount of reservations. Students, instructors, courier firms, and people from rural areas have all expressed interest in the bike, according to the CEO.

Electric Bike Charging Time

According to the manufacturer, the bike will require 1.5 units of overnight charge at home. The company also stated that the price of the electric bike would be very cost-effective for the owner, costing only Rs 1,000 per month. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan unveiled Pakistan’s first-ever electric bike in Islamabad on July 8th. The government’s 5-year Pakistan Electric Vehicles Policy 2020-2025 includes the launch of this environmentally friendly vehicle. Last year, the policy was enacted, with the goal of raising the number of electric passenger vehicles to 30% by 2030. 

Imran Khan, speaking at the event, applauded the move and described it as “extremely fantastic.” “The government’s Clean and Green Movement includes EV incentives,” he explained. 

In Pakistan, the present government has taken a number of initiatives to promote electric vehicles. The government announced the following new auto policies as part of the new policy: 

• For one year, the import duty on CBU Electric Vehicles (EVs) would be cut to 10% from 25% 

• The customs charge on EV parts will be 1%. 

The introduction of such vehicles will help to alleviate Pakistan’s serious pollution problem. 

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