PM Shehbaz invites Turkiye to join CPEC

PM Shehbaz invites Turkiye to join CPEC

Turkiye was invited to join the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in order to promote development throughout the region, reduce poverty, and give people more access to quality healthcare and education. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, the prime minister claimed that Pakistan had been “experiencing and enjoying” the advantages of CPEC.

“I would propose that China, Pakistan, and Turkey work together on this. This would be a fantastic cooperative effort… This is how we can handle today’s difficulties, the prime minister said.

If Turkiye went forward with the concept of joining CPEC, he declared that he would be “glad” to discuss the situation with the Chinese authorities.

The prime minister began his remarks by praising President Erdogan’s gracious hospitality and offering condolences for the victims of a recent terrorist attack in Istanbul. He also prayed for the departed victims’ souls to find peace.

Having lost thousands of people to terrorism, he claimed that Pakistan could relate to how the Turkish people felt, and he urged for international cooperation to eradicate terrorism in all of its manifestations, not just in Pakistan and Turkey but throughout the entire world.

The prime minister made reference to the third of four Milgem Corvette Ships being launched for the Pakistan Navy, saying the project was a manifestation of “sincerity, purpose, and dedication” to improve bilateral relations.

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The prime minister stressed the importance of expanding defense cooperation between the two nations at a time when global tensions are rising and commodity prices are skyrocketing and becoming unaffordable for developing nations.

He noted that in order to address new challenges, Pakistan and Turkey’s defense cooperation needed to be on a far “larger scale” in terms of skills, knowledge, and collaboration.

The two leaders stressed the importance of the trade and goods deal they had signed in August of this year during their meeting, according to PM Shehbaz.

He claimed that the $1 billion in trading between Pakistan and Turkey did not accurately reflect their cordial ties and urged all-out efforts to be made to meet the goal of $5 billion in trade.

In his remarks, President Erdogan expressed optimism for the future of bilateral ties in the areas of trade, defense, and other areas.

He stated that the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations would be observed in 2022.

The Turkish president expressed sorrow over the lives and damage brought on by floods, saying, “Our solidarity has been shown to each other through tough times… Pakistan’s happiness is our happiness, and its sorrow is our sorrow.

The Milgem Project

ASFAT Inc., a Turkish state-owned defense contractor company, and Turkiye and Pakistan inked the Milgem deal in 2018, under which the Pakistani navy will purchase four Milgem-class ships from Turkey.

Milgem ships are 99 meters long, can carry 2,400 tons, and travel at 29 nautical miles per hour. These radar-hidden anti-submarine combat frigates would substantially improve the Pakistan Navy’s defense capabilities.

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The FO states that the first Corvette for the Pakistan Navy, PNS Babur, had its launching ceremony in Istanbul in August 2021, while the second ship, PNS Badr, had its groundbreaking ceremony in Karachi in May 2022.

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