PM Shehbaz inaugurates ‘Innovation Hub’ in Islamabad to empower youth

Innovation Hub

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has inaugurated the Innovation Hub Program (IHP) in Islamabad, a platform to facilitate exchange of ideas between the public and policymakers.

The program is intended to promote the participation of the public in national policies. The formation of the IHP will also play a major part in harmonizing policy making with the needs of the country.

At the inauguration ceremony, the PM was also updated that under the program, suitable ideas will be analyzed through a national television programme. Afterward, the best ideas will be executed in policy making by the Strategic Reforms Unit.

The participants of the meeting were also given the opportunity to share their views with the premier about public policy.

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Addressing at the event, Shehbaz expressed his commitment to enhancing this program personally. He stated that under the programme, specialized units would be made in all ministries where young talent can share their ideas for refining the respective ministry’s performance.

As per the government programme website, the ‘Innovation Hub Prime Minister’s Initiative for building Pakistan – Bringing Public back in Public Policy’ is a platform for discourse which encourages citizens to share their ideas.

Meanwhile, addressing another meeting in Islamabad, the premier reiterated his determination to overcome power outages by restarting halted projects.

During the meeting held to review the processes to control load-shedding, PM said that all possible efforts are afoot to make all power plants functional.

“The government is taking every possible step to control the electricity load-shedding to facilitate the consumers,” the PM said, as he mentioned the challenges faced by the energy sector were because of bad policies of the last government. Still, he said, “we are committed to addressing them”.

Criticizing the last government, the premier said he “regretted that the previous government didn’t take this issue seriously and no purchase agreement for gas supply was made when the prices were low globally.”

Furthermore, the absence of maintenance of power plants throughout the tenure of the previous government caused the power shortage, according to Shehbaz Sharif.

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