PM Imran says Pakistan to increase exports to stimulate economic growth

Economic Pakistan

Despite unprecedented challenges that Pakistan government faced during last 3 years, its economic condition was still better than many other countries, stated PM Pakistan.

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing the inaugural ceremony of 14th International Chambers Summit 2022 arranged by the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) in Islamabad, said, the country is moving forward with better economical condition if compared with other countries of the region.

“Pakistan is still one of the cheapest countries compared to the world… they [opposition] call us incompetent, but the fact is that our government has saved the nation from all crises.”

The summit was attended by presidents of more than 54 regular chambers, 10 small chambers and 13 women chambers. Representatives from the development partners, international business community, political parties, ministries, and the government institutions also attended it.

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PM Imran said that oil prices in the country are still lower than other countries. He admitted rising inflation in the country and that masses were suffering badly because of it but maintained that inflation was a global issue owing to Covid-19 pandemic.

The premier further maintained that incumbent government’s ‘prudent policies’ rescued the country from “once-in-a-century” challenge of Covid-19 pandemic. “Today British Prime Minister [Boris Johnson] is following our policies to tackle [coronavirus],” he said, while referring to his decision of not imposing a complete lockdown in the country.

PM added that his ambition was not to become a prime minister but to make “Pakistan a great nation”.

He observed that exports and tax collection were the two main driving forces to boost the economic growth of Pakistan, over which the government was fully focused.

In the end, he concluded that if the country’s exports were not increased, it could again put pressure on the current account and currency.

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