Peshawar sisters Husna Awan and Hafsa Awan have a dream to shine in Olympics

Peshawar sisters

Belonged to Peshawar, two highly talented sisters try their level best to make their sports career shine to the highest level and enlighten Pakistan in the Olympic Games competition

During their hard times, Husna Awan and Hafsa Awan learned kite making from their father to fulfill their education and sports expenditures. The hardworking and devoted sisters dwelt upon their sports careers during tough life experiences and future plans.

During KP Under-21 Games, the outstanding performance of the two brilliant sisters has recently attracted the attention of not only the public but also on social media. Media persons interviewed them to share their journey of success with the readers.

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 “If a stipend is granted, my talented daughters will scale the heights of success towards women empowerment and girls’ education. I want my daughters to focus on education and sports, but kite making is a compulsion,” father Gohar Ali Awan told the media persons.

Moreover, the two sisters have received several gold medals in the field of sports. The sisters told the media that their father admitted them to a martial arts academy near their home in Suhailabad area in the suburbs of Peshawar where they received training for three years under a qualified coach.

“A time came when we both began participating in different events of KP Under-21 Games and won several gold medals. Badminton is my forte, but I love martial arts; the credit goes to my parents who encouraged us both to strive hard. We make around 300 kites a day and earn enough to meet our expenses, but still, we need financial assistance to support our parents as my mom is bedridden and dad is jobless,” Husna Awan said.

“We are determined to participate in the Olympic Games and it is our dream to bring medals to Pakistan. Our message to girls is that if we could excel in martial arts, and academics and earn enough to meet our expenses then we believe every girl could do it,” the passionate sisters said.

Meanwhile, Ms. Hafsa Awan said, “We have been emboldened by hardships in our life, but encouraged by our parents through their consistent support and guidance.”

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