Pakistan’s five-year export strategy unveiled with focus on 10 priority sectors

National Export Strategy

The Commerce Ministry and the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) revealed a complete National Priority Sectors Export Strategy (NPSES) for Pakistan in order to achieve the country’s ambition of boosting its trade. 

The media reported that the Federal Minister for Commerce Syed Naveed Qamar launched the strategy

The five-year (2023-2027) sector strategies were made after extensive consultation between public and private-sector stakeholders. 

The NPSES resolves limitations and the steps to avail opportunities in a comprehensive manner and forms an integral part of Pakistan’s Strategic Trade Policy Framework (STPF). 

Moreover, the International Trade Centre (ITC) has worked with the Pakistan Government which was funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office of the UK government, through the Revenue Mobilization, Investment and Trade Programme (ReMIT) in order to support the growth of the National Priority Sectors Export Strategy. 

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It was further revealed that besides other sectors, the Strategy mainly focuses on functions of engineering goods, leather, processed food and beverages, meat and poultry, fruits and vegetables, business process outsourcing, pharmaceuticals, software development and services, logistics, and institutional coordination. 

Furthermore, the National Export Development Board, Sector Advisory Councils, and an STPF coordination sector will be established to keep the private sector in the driving seat for the implementation process. 

Acting British High Commissioner Andrew Dalgleish stated that the FCDO was pleased to support initiatives like ReMIT, which support Pakistan in building institutional capacity for determining trade policy and removing trade barriers. 

“I hope the National Priority Sectors Export Strategy will help Pakistan transform its economy to meet the needs of its rapidly growing young population, broaden its exports base and become better integrated into global value chains,” he remarked. 

Addressing the ceremony, Dr. Mohammad Saeed, Chief Trade Facilitation and Policy for Business, International Trade Centre mentioned: “Driven by quality and innovation, the strategy and attendant work plan will strengthen the international presence of Pakistani products from the priority sectors. We are grateful to the Government of Pakistan, in particular, the Ministry of Commerce, TDAP, the FCDO, and representatives of the public and private sector who worked with us to make the NPSES a reality for Pakistan.” 

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