Pakistan’s digital economy gain momentum amid COVID-19

digital economy

Pakistan has gone digital due to coronavirus pandemic that is keeping people at homes and the economy has also moved to the digital economy.

If some people are starving at home due to lockdown then some other people, on the other hand, are not going to stop their online shopping. Online shopping in the lockdown condition is on the peak. Banks also have removed charges on fund transfers through online banking channels to make the way clear for the digital economy.

The fashion sectors are on the top list of digitalization these days although there have been no spring and summer fashion weeks in this year 2020. Pakistan’s top designers are getting themselves prepared for the digital fashion show “Catwalk Cares”.

The solo exhibition “Cultural Note” that is online these days, it features 20 acrylic paintings by Ahmad Habib been shown in the old architecture of Rawalpindi which got completed but the artist of the painting was not permitted to be outside of home amid lockdown.

The healthcare system, education, business, and governance, economic planning is expected to be in the hands of the digital revolution after the country’s restriction due to coronavirus pandemic.

People of Pakistan have plugged into a digital future but they must think of the urgency to restore their connection to nature. The country’s economic conditions amid lockdown have hastened the path to digitalization.

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