Pakistan’s Dalit Hindu Senator chairs session expressing solidarity with Kashmiris

Hindu senator

During a senate session presided by a Hindu senator on Friday, the Senate overwhelmingly adopted a resolution expressing solidarity with Kashmiris in honour of Kashmir Solidarity Day, which will be observed across the country on February 5.

Senator Krishna Kumari Kohli chaired over Senate session and was greeted with loud pounding of desks as she took her position in the chair.

“It is a wonderful honour that I chaired the Senate session called to review the current situation in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) on the eve of Kashmir Solidarity Day,” Krishna Kumari tweeted.

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In 2018, senator Krishna Kumari was elected to the Senate for the first time as a Hindu Dalit woman. Before becoming senator, she was an activist in a village named Nagarparkar.

Resolution expresses solidarity with Kashmiris

  • The resolution was passed during the Senate session, and it paid honour to the Kashmiris’ bravery and sacrifice.
  • The resolution condemned India’s illegal and unilateral action on August 5, 2019, and demanded that it be reversed, describing it as a “gross violation of all UN resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir.”
  • The resolution also criticized India’s continued abuses of human rights, war crimes, and international humanitarian law in IIOJK. “Hundreds of innocent Kashmiris have been slain, and unfairly imprisoned since August 5, 2019,” the resolution declared.
  • It cautioned India that even the most extreme forms of state terrorism would not be able to shatter the Kashmiri people’s will or put an end to their lawful battle.
  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his “fascist RSS organization” must be called to account for violations of human rights, senators demanded. The resolution further demanded that the Indian government put an end to targeted assassinations of Kashmiris in bogus encounters and search and seizure operations.
  • It condemned illegal Indian initiatives aimed at changing the population dynamics of the occupied region, as well as “attempts to peddle a veneer of normalcy,” and insisted the release of all political detainees in the IIOJK.
  • The resolution urged the international community to take note of “India’s viciousness, stubbornness, and audacious continuity of inhumane treatment against the Kashmiri people, including the danger of genocide which is now documented internationally,”.
  • The resolution reassured Kashmiris that Pakistan’s government, people, and parliament will always stand by them in their righteous resistance until it was settled in accordance with their aspirations and UN Security Council resolutions.
  • The resolution concluded, “The Senate of Pakistan reconfirms its unwavering support for the people of Kashmir in their just struggle for their fundamental right to self-determination at every step of the road.”

Sadiq Sanjrani, the Senate Chairman, would send a copy of the signed resolution to various world leaders as well as the UN Secretary General.

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