Pakistani startups launch Chikoo platform to help SMEs sell online

Pakistani startups launch Chikoo platform to help SMEs sell online

Brandverse and eOcean, both Pakistani Startups are collaboratively going to work through the new Chikoo platform. 

These startups have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for working together on the project. The memorandum has been signed in a bid to co-sell and co-market the platform in order to affiliate both companies. The new e-commerce tool, “Chikoo” is a helpful platform for businesses to sell their products or retail online.  

According to Raza Matin, Brandverse CEO and co-founder, he said that this move will be highly helpful for all businesses taking their store online within 3 minutes. He added that both companies, goal to provide access to technology to small and medium enterprises as it will help them to build their digital future.  

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This collaboration will materialize strategic and commercial business synergies between both companies’ product offerings and business activities. 

He said, “Our organizations share a common goal of democratizing access to otherwise out of reach technology for small businesses so that they too can build their digital future. Chikoo is our first step in helping every Pakistani business exercise what we believe is their fundamental right to sell online.

We have seen the world over the power of technology to uplift and are incredibly excited to see what Pakistani entrepreneurs, in all sectors, male and female, achieve when we finally give them the tools to compete on an even footing with everyone else.” 

Meanwhile, Ocean’s CEO, Amir Jafri said, “as of one Pakistan’s largest cloud communication providers, we have had the opportunity to see first-hand, how businesses, medium and large, traditional and disruptive, have all benefited tremendously from the use of our cutting-edge technology platform.

The revolutionary Chikoo platform allows us to seamlessly provide these very same technologies, whether it’s user authentication, cloud messaging, marketing automation, or our latest offering, WhatsApp Business solutions, to millions of businesses across Pakistan.” 

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Raza Martin further said that many partnerships are made through paperwork, some are made for the headlines while some are those like us, Brandverse has with eOcean. He added that partnerships like these companies at the deepest levels are mission-driven and personal. They aim to put purpose before profit.  

He further said that he was highly excited to announce in the coming months that their partnership has delivered millions of SMEs in Pakistan helped go online.  

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