Pakistani Saadeqa Khan shortlisted for FDM Everywoman in Technology Awards

Saadeqa Khan

Scientia Pakistan’s CEO, Saadeqa Khan, is among the finalists for the 2021 FDM in Technology Awards in the Academic Award category. She is a science journalist based in Quetta and has been working with renowned news agencies like BBC Urdu and Deutsche Welle.

Saadeqa Khan who has a Master’s degree in Physics is selected with 5 other women finalists for their role in academia that could have a significant impact on STEM education promotion. Out of these women, one will be given this esteemed award. On the 4th of March, 2021, there will be the announcement of the winner of the award by FDM in a virtual ceremony.

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The award is given to those people who have a prominent role in society with reference to science and technology. Saadeqa is the founder and CEO of a website that is doing a noble job of spreading the awareness of science and technology.

She is the author of an Urdu novel, “Dawam” which has been written about atmospheric changes. She has been bestowed with the Urdu Science Board award due to the services she rendered for translating a number of scientific books in Urdu.

She is also the winner of the awareness award on the Scientific report last year. Her articles are published both in Urdu and English on BBC, DAWN, etc. on regular basis. Saadeqa Khan has the grant and fellowship of 2020 Berlin Science Week.

FDM Group is famous in Britain for promoting business and technology-based development and economy. It provides education, training, and jobs to technical and industrial experts. It has been the source of the provision of around 2000 new jobs annually. One of the important objectives of the FDM is to minimize gender differences and to provide better opportunities to women.

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