Pakistani celebrities protest against rising rape cases

Pakistani celebrities protest rape

Almost whole Pakistani is raising voice and protests have broken out in cities across Pakistan against the rising number of rape cases. Many Pakistani celebrities participated in protest after the police chief investigating the gang rape of a woman on Lahore Sialkot motorway uttered some disturbing victim-blaming remarks on Thursday for which he later apologized.

Sanam Saeed on twitter protested as, “Why hang them when we can castrate them? Why let them go so easily when they can live with the pain, shame, and guilt without their genitals? Why wait to make this the law till God forbid it happens too close to home? No counseling or rehabilitation is needed here. #cuttheirweapon.”

Almost all actors and actresses are in rage like Osama Khalid Butt also tweeted, “Learn self-defense not just against one, but multiple assailants. Become a fucking vigilante. Don’t go out without a mehram, because otherwise the worst-case scenario is the likely scenario. And at ??????! Rape is bad, #hangtherapists, but also, what were you thinking?”

Mahira Khan took to her Instagram account and put Urdu poetry where the real picture of tyranny is depicted and posted, “Hang them! Kill them! Publicly shame them! – It won’t change a thing. The problem is so deeply ingrained within our society,so deep rooted that even the officer said – ‘she shouldn’t have left at that time. This is the way our society is’.”

She echoed other Pakistani celebrities to protest against rape incidents and added, “We are immune to it. We are ok with it.
Why should we accept this mindset?
Why should we question the victim yet again and not the those who commit the crime?”

Ayesha Omar tweeted too, “Why are men so shocked about what happened yesterday? Is the first time someone was raped and then blamed for it? This is the reality of our country. Woman are on their own. We are not safe on the streets, in markets, in our cars, in our homes or in our graves. #motorwayincident.”

Adnan Siddiqui posted, “Numbed, outraged, horrified. We have failed women as a nation. This MUST stop. Make them feel safe.” Faisal Qureshi also protested as, “Cycling karti howi larki sey tharak ..aurat ka gang rape 5 saal ki bachi k sath ziyadti ..and the result is 0 …latkao ayese kutton ko chock pe had hogai hey.”

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