Pakistani artist paints vibrant truck art in Sri Lanka

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Ali Salman Anchan, a famous entrepreneur and artist showcased Pakistan’s indigenous truck art in Sri Lanka through an amazing wall painting project. 

Ali Salman is a successful entrepreneur and initiator of a social enterprise Phool Patti which is especially committed to promoting Pakistani truck art culture across the globe. They have been functioning to modernize art and underline the positive side of Pakistan through their creative themes. 

Recently, the team of ‘Phool Patti’ went to Sri Lanka for a wonderful project of mural paintings which was organized in association with the Pakistan High Commission in Colombo to uphold Pakistan’s heritage globally. 

Moreover, Phool Patti Pakistan’s Truck Art team shared it on social media and publicized this initiative through their official Facebook page. The team painted a wall having a size of 40×8 that underscores the cultural heritage of both Pakistan and Sri Lanka. 

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The main objective of decorating the wall is to familiarize and acquaint the Sri Lankan community with the rich Buddhist tradition in Pakistan. The team gave detailed information about this farfetched collaboration and highlighted the specifications and significant features of the artwork. They shared that the wall has been distributed into two sections. 

Depicting the Sri Lankan culture though truck art, one part of the wall was dedicated to exhibiting Sri Lankan heritage. This part has been decorated with the Lord Buddha stupa found in Taxila and Mohen-jo-Daro; an important ancient region during the Indus Valley Civilization. 

Besides, the Sri Lankan side showcases its cultural heritage like a main landmark of Independence Memorial Hall, the national flower Lotus, and its national animal, the Chicken. 

The Phool Patti team further informed that the Pakistani side of the wall exhibits Pakistan’s historic and cultural heritage like Taxila city, Faisal Mosque, the national bird, Chakoor, and the country’s national flower jasmine. While the center of the wall has been adorned with Pakistani and Sri Lankan flags, they said. 

Team Phool Patti has also gained several national and international awards and certificates for its hard work to foster the soft image of Pakistan internationally. 

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