Pakistan to set up semiconductor manufacturing zone with Chinese help

semiconductor zone

Pakistan has sought China’s help to build a semiconductor zone in the country to boost its self-sufficiency in modern gadgets.

Pakistan has come up with an extraordinary plan to establish semiconductor manufacturing facilities in the country. This could enable Pakistan become self-sufficient in modern technology and gadgets. 

The plan was revealed by Chaudry Fawad Hussain, the Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting, during an interview with China Economic Net. Upon his visit, he discussed the plans with Prime Minister Imran Khan, and they pondered relocating the semiconductor sector to Pakistan.

“We want Chinese technology businesses to invest in Pakistan and turn it into a chip manufacturing powerhouse. We’d also like to start manufacturing semiconductors in Pakistan. I’m delighted to inform you that Chinese investors are eager to collaborate with Pakistan, and the technological zone will be transformed into a semiconductor zone,” Fawad said in his interview with China Economic Net.

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It’s worth noting that Chaudry Fawad Hussain has previously held the position of Federal Minister for Science and Technology. During that period, he signed a number of memorandums of understanding and agreements on semiconductor technology, as well as collaborating with China to help Pakistanis learn how to make semiconductors.

PM Imran Khan has also met with representatives from China’s top IT firms, and the both sides have committed to expand their collaboration in software development, information and communication technology, medical diagnostics, and other fields.

According to the China Economic Net, this action will be helpful not only to Pakistan but also to China.

The global scarcity of semiconductors isn’t going away anytime soon. According to industry experts and tech firms, the condition will not improve until at least 2023.

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