Pakistan to remake ‘Money Heist’? Twitter reacts with hilarious memes

Pakistan Money Heist

Over the last weekend, a few pictures featuring some prominent faces from the Pakistan entertainment industry went viral on social media. What caught the attention of many users were the names and the attires of the actors posing for mugshots. The looks of actors had an uncanny resemblance with the Spanish hit Netflix crime drama La Casa De Papel, popularly known as Money Heist and just like the original TV show the actors who had been given names after different cities (of Pakistan in this case, such as Dadu, Bela, Sheikhupura, and others).

The actors in photos include Aijaz Aslam as Rahimyar Khan, Omer Shahzad as Duska, Naveed Raza as Lala Musa, Asad Siddiqui as Mirpurkhas, Faryal Mehmood as Chaman, Saboor Aly as Sahiwal, Anoushay Abbasi as Bela, Noman Habib as Sheikupura, and Zhalay Sarhadi as Mianwali. 

Twitter users had a blast and cracked jokes about Pakistan remaking Money Heist, leading some to believe that an actual Pakistani version of popular Netflix TV show La Casa de Papel (The House of Paper) aka Money Heist was in the making.

Then Pakistani actor Aijaz Aslam announced the launch of his film ’50 Crore’ on Twitter. Aslam shared a teaser and did not divulge too many details but instead tweeted ‘coming soon’.

And afterwards Twitter was on fire and people were making fun of this new production “50 Crore” and the whole Twitter started trending “#MoneyHeist and #50Crore”.

One of the social media netizens tweeted, “Money heist, Money waste, #MoneyHeist #50Crore”

Another one tweeted, “how did the cast of 50 CrOre even agreed do it…. they are gonna embrass themselves…”

“I’d watch Pakistani money heist if it had Zardari and Nawaz Sharif as the main casts members”

“Pakistani money heist mein chor bank jaayenge tou desk pe banda boley ga sorry jis branch mein account khulwaya tha wahaan jaayein.”

“Money heist Pakistan walay bank main jayenge aur wahan jummah break chal rahi hogi.”

“Money heist ki Pakistani copy bnaa rahe hain?.. State bank na lootna. They don’t have any money.”

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