Pakistan to provide anti-COVID-19 vaccine free of cost

Pakistan anti-Covid-19

Pakistan has decided to arrange the anti-Covid-19 vaccination of all the Pakistanis free of cost, whatever it costs to the government.

According to Dr. Nosheen Hamid, Parliamentary Secretary for national health, the government is in contact with four to five international companies, engaged in the preparation of the Covid-19 vaccine. She added that the orders are going to be placed soon for the purchase of the vaccine by the end of this month.

While talking to a private TV channel, she said that the first batch of vaccine will be received at the beginning of January, next year. Dr. Nosheen said that the vaccine will be purchased from COVAX which is an organization of 186 countries at cheaper rates. The whole world is placing orders for the purchase of vaccines. We have placed the order, keeping in view the availability and number of vaccines.

On a question of the interviewer, she said that 400 volunteers from Pakistan have been involved in the Chinese anti-Covid-19 vaccine trial. Some blood samples will also be sent to China after the vaccine trial. She said that the trial results of the Chinese vaccine are showing good signs.

She declared that the talks were underway with three companies to buy the vaccine and $100 million have been approved for the purchase of the vaccine. The COVAX platform will provide vaccines to 20% of the country’s population.

Apart from the fact that the government has been arranging the vaccine for its citizens, the people, in general, are not taking care of themselves to be saved from Coronavirus. The easiest job, people can do to avoid the attack of this virus is to wear masks, wash hands, and keep the proper distance.

Now the government is bound to take strict actions like closing the marriage halls, limiting the attendance in the ceremonies and fine those who are found without the masks outside of the homes.

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