Pakistan sees highest number of coronavirus tests, cases and deaths in a single day

highest coronavirus tests

Pakistan conducted the highest number of coronavirus tests in a single day. Yesterday, on 9th June the country conducted 24,620 tests and witnessed 4,646 new cases and 105 deaths which are record numbers since the outbreak of coronavirus in the country in March.

On Monday, 24,620 coronavirus tests were conducted in several parts of the country, according to the daily data released by the National Command and Control Center. This makes a total of 730,453 coronavirus tests that have so far been conducted in a country.

The pandemic situation in Pakistan is getting worse and apart from the record number of tests yesterday, other records were also made. In the last 24 hours 4,646 new coronavirus patients were observed and 105 people lost their lives which are also record breaking numbers.

The public is not following standard operating procedures. The government does not seem to be in a mood to impose a countrywide lockdown rather few governmental institutions, sectors, businesses, etc. are permitted to be opened. Despite strict lockdown before a month, cases are getting uncontrollable.

Now, when the government has provided some important SOPs to be followed and permitted to ease lockdown, the public is rushing towards markets and bazaars without any heed to SOPs.

There has been a steady increase in the number of tests conducted daily and now the government of Pakistan has increased its capacity and conducting a big number of tests in order to identify COVID-19 patients. Based on the results the infected people are directed to go into isolation and serious symptomatic patients admitted to hospitals.

Asad Umer the Minister for Planning and Development said; “Currently, we are in a position to hold over 25,000 tests per day and with every passing day our capacity to conduct tests is increasing”.

Pakistan has surpassed China in terms of the number of coronavirus affected people. The total cases tally has reached 108,310 and the death toll has crossed 2,172. 35,018 people have recovered so far.

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