Flour prices shoot up as wheat crisis in Sindh deepens


As the shortage of wheat continues in Sindh the flour prices also spike and the crisis adds to citizen’s woes.

Across the province, the absence of an effective price control mechanism and the dull response of the government is causing much distress in people’s lives and the crises have led the shortage of wheat to shoot up the prices of flour.

Four millers have raised their prices by rupees 2 per kg on many varieties of flour on Thursday. They raised prices by rupees 1 to 3 per kg on Tuesday and the surge in prices continues.

According to a report, flour mill owners say that price of flour was raised to rupees 48 per kg from rupees 46 per kg on Tuesday whereas, the rate of fine flour and superfine flour had increased to rupees 52.50 per kg from rupees 50 per kg. On Tuesday, the new rate of 10 kg flour bag saw a clear spike from rupees 465 to rupees 485.

Millers increased flour prices collectively by rupees 8 per kg over the last 35 past days in the absence of an effective price control mechanism of city government. Also, there seems no response from the government of Sindh to examine the reasons behind the sudden price hike and stocks of wheat that are available at flour mills.

A miller said, “Wheat is hardly available in the open market. Traders, who have stocked grains, are selling them for rupees 4,550 per 100 kg bag, up by rupees 200 from rupees 4,350 per 100 kg bag on Tuesday”.

It was sold at rupees 4,000 a month back and a wheat bag was available at rupees 3500 in the third week of May.

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