Pakistan records over 3,000 coronavirus cases for 3rd day

Pakistan coronavirus

Coronavirus cases in Pakistan surged by 3,119 in the past 24 hours, the third day that the number of daily infections increased by more than 3,000.

According to the National Command and Control Authority, 41,115 people were tested for Coronavirus during the last 24 hours and as such the number of corona tests so far has become 5,713,341.

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The second wave of coronavirus seems more dangerous as compared to the wave that had started in February, this year.

In Pakistan, so far, the total number of corona patients has become 413,191. According to the official reports, Sindh has so far reported 180,904 patients of coronavirus, in Punjab, the number of coronavirus cases was 122,293, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, there have been 48,683 corona cases.

31,992 patients were in Islamabad, 17,392 patients were diagnosed as corona patients in Balochistan, in AJK, the number of corona diagnosed patients was 7,219 and in Gilgit/Baltistan, 4,708 people have fallen the victims of coronavirus.

According to the official reports, there are 52,359 active coronavirus patients suffering from the lethal disease at present in Pakistan out of which, 2,441 patients are in critical condition. 44 people died of the corona during the last 24 hours and as such total number of people who died of corona in Pakistan is 8,303 so far.

According to the National Command and Control Authority, 2,224 people pushed the attack of the corona during the last 24 hours and as such, the total number of those who defeated the corona is 352,529 in the country so far.

If proper precautionary measures are taken in this regard, it is hoped that the second wave of coronavirus which has been considered dangerous, could be controlled.

The effective precautionary measure includes: wearing the mask whenever mover outside of the homes, must have proper distance in offices and markets, etc, wash hands whenever come back to homes, drink a half glass of warm water after every one hour and spend some time at sunlight.

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