Pakistan Movement Park inaugurated along Islamabad Highway in Sector H-8

Pakistan Movement Park

The chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), Amer Ali Ahmed, inaugurated the Pakistan Movement Park in Sector H-8 on Thursday, with the aim to appraise the young generation of the freedom movement and the sacrifices given for the great cause. 

“The park built along Islamabad Highway in Sector H-8 has a walk-through history museum as well as two-dimensional and 3D-designed walls on which the history of Pakistan dates back to its inception. 

The biggest migration has also been pictured so that the new generation can have a historical awareness of the Independence of Pakistan and to remember the great sacrifices made during the migration,” according to the statement issued by CDA. 

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The park is the first of its kind in Pakistan, which has been established in this style. A suggestion to digitize pictures of sacrifices made during the Pakistan Movement in the park is also under consideration. 

Moreover, the statement stated that the park has been developed with the idea of giving education in addition to entertaining information to the citizens. Besides this, the management of CDA said that the park will also give educational information to the visitors as an open museum. 

“The purpose of building Park is to highlight sacrifices made during the Pakistan Movement and the biggest migration in history could be passed on to the new generation in terms of education and information,” CDA statement said. 

According to the direction of CDA’s Management, work is in progress to provide other facilities in the park, including swings, a jogging track, walkways, and a cycling track for children. 

“To keep the environment green and fresh, seasonal flowers of different colors are also being planted in the park so that the citizens visiting the park can fully enjoy the atmosphere. Apart from this, benches, lighting, security, parking, and other necessary arrangements for sitting in the park are also being made expeditiously,” the statement read. 

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