Pakistan makes international standard face shield for school children

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Pakistan is manufacturing international standard face shield for school children to provide the first level of defense against COVID-19.

For the first time in Pakistan, affordable face shields of international standard are being manufactured for school going children to keep them safe from COVID-19. SPEL Company has designed the face shield and was awarded the European Union CE certification for face shields to manufacture and export the protective item.

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Zia Haider the designer said that before proceeding to design the protective masks, a series of result-oriented consultations with a panel of leading medical professionals was held, as well as scores of principals, were consulted so that psyche of students can be understood so as to design comfortable face shields. So that while students are wearing shields in class their facial expressions should be clearly visible to teachers.

Moreover, Haider said that keeping in view the current condition, the company started manufacturing the face shield for school children on the request of Governor Punjab Muhammad Sarwar and worked out an affordable price of Rs 150 each for a face shield so that everyone can afford to buy it.

He further told that the kit is light in weight that is easily washable by soap and water. It provides full-face protection and very comfortable to wear, comfortably breathable, and provides the first level of defense. “It is made of a transparent PET sheet using indigenous technology and local resources,” the press release added.

Moreover, Iftikhar Ali Malik the chief guest during the demonstration ceremony of the face shield congratulated the manufacturer for developing high-quality face shields to meet the local demand. He added that this successful step would stop the spread of coronavirus when schools reopen on September 15 across Pakistan.

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