Pakistan is the South Asian country most affected by Covid-19

South Asian

Pakistan has the highest number of new coronavirus cases among the South Asian countries according to the last week’s reported cases.

Coronavirus is rapidly spreading all over the country, according to the 27th May report, Pakistan has the highest number of new cases diagnosed also, deaths per million people from pandemic among all South Asian countries.

According to the researcher of Oxford University and the non-profit organization Global Change Data Lab. Pakistan lies on the first number in terms of the number of confirmed cases compared to its population followed by India and Bangladesh.

The research says that Pakistan diagnosed 207 new cases per million people in the country on 27th May while India diagnosed 77 new cases per million people and Bangladesh had 152 new cases per million people. In view of the deaths per million people in Pakistan, the country leads the region negatively with 0.21 deaths, Bangladesh with 0.13 and India with 0.10.

According to the analysts, the number of confirmed new cases is lower than the actual number of new cases. Because due to fewer resources, countries are unable to test a large number of people especially Pakistan.

Official data indicates the nationwide tally of coronavirus has reached 61,227 with the emergence of 2,076 new infections over the last twenty-four hours. The death toll stands at 1260 with 36 deaths reported during the last twenty-four hours while 20,231 patients have so far recovered from the virus.

Pakistan has so far conducted 508,000 coronavirus tests with 8,687 tests conducted in the last 24 hours.

Patients are under treatment at quarantine centers of 462 hospitals where 7,295 beds are available.

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