Pakistan fifth among 30 TB high-risk countries

It is the worst tragedy and misfortune for Pakistan that diseases like polio and Tuberculosis (TB) are still prevalent here. The country has been ranked at number 5 among 30 high-risk countries with regard to TB.  

Pulmonologist Dr. Syed Ghulam Abbas Naqvi said that early identification, treatment and self-examination are the fundamental factors to save precious lives from TB. He added that Tuberculosis is one of the top infectious killer worldwide that claims more than 5000 lives a day. He explained that Tuberculosis is a contagious disease that largely affects the lungs and the bacteria usually spreads to people when an infected person sneezes or coughs. 

It is pertinent to mention here that World TB Day addresses a different theme each year and this year theme of World TB Day 2021 was “The Clock is Ticking” which delivers the message that the Covid-19 pandemic has delayed the progress of curing TB and the world is running out of time to act on the commitments to end Tuberculosis made by global leaders. 

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Moreover, Balochistan has reported at least 9,505 TB cases throughout the province during the prevailing coronavirus pandemic. This deadly disease is prevailing in the province, but it is a treatable ailment, however, can prove to be fatal in some cases. 

While addressing a press conference at the Quetta Press Club on the occasion of World TB Day, Dr. Sheikh said early detection of the disease in patients can prevent its spread of the disease. “The diagnosis and treatment of all the affected patients has been ensured as per the instructions of Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal and efforts are also being made to rid the province of this disease once and for all.” 

He added, “TB patients were diagnosed in 138 centers from all the districts of the province. The government and private sector hospitals in 16 districts consisting of 225 doctors are being provided free treatment to patients.” 

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