Pakistan exceeds mango export target by 45,000 tons

Pakistan mango export target

Despite all the challenges arising from COVID-19 pandemic, Pakistan has surpassed its mango export target by 45,000 tons.

The All Pakistan Fruit & Vegetable Exporters, Importers & Merchants Association (PFVA) and Advisor to Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan for Commerce and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood publicized that Pakistan’s mango export has crossed over 125,000 tons, fetching valuable and much needed foreign exchange of $72 million, as against the corona-revised target of 80,000 tons for the 2020 season.

The Federal Minister said “I have been informed that we have exported 125,000 tons of mangoes so far this year, against an annual target of 80,000 tons. Export of $72 Million has been achieved and it is expected that we will accomplish export of $150 Million.”

The Advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan also notified Imran Khan and congratulated the mango exporters who have done a great job to achieve the astonishing export target.

“A meeting is being arranged to strategize on a long term for exporting this great Pakistani product. Well done to all,” Abdul Razak Dawood further added. He then said, “Good to hear this which shows that our market reach is increasing.”

As per media reports, the All Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Association also announced and validates the fact that Pakistan has exported 125,000 tons of mango this season to all over the world.

The Association also shared the hurdles, challenges faced and bearing restriction due to the COVID-19 pandemic but still surpassed the estimated target by a whopping 45,000 tons.

Pakistan Government and All Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Association sensibly took the judgment and got export aim at 45,000 tons further than the predictable and another 25,000 tons is expected to be exported in the remaining season.

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