Pakistan develops first bloodless kidney dialysis machine

Pakistan bloodless dialysis machine

Another achievement for the country and another boost to the Made in Pakistan initiative as Pakistan developed the first bloodless risk-free kidney dialysis machine.

With the current addition of bloodless dialysis machine, Pakistan will be the 5th country to have its locally produced bloodless dialysis technology after US, Germany, Japan, France and China.

A Lahore based startup Byonyks company through association with the Ministry of Information, Technology and Telecommunication has successfully invented Pakistan’s first affordable and portable dialysis machine via which patients will now be able to avail the dialysis treatment at home.

Through this modern technology, the requirement to extract human blood to perform dialysis is not required. The patients can complete the bloodless dialysis at home without any instructor but with little protection.

Farrukh Usman the founder of Byonyks medical company met with Syed Amin Ul Haque the Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunication in Islamabad. The founder Farrukh Usman a Harvard graduate has developed the painless and risk-free dialysis machine with the support of Ignite seed funding and angel investors.

The founder Farrukh Usman while meeting with the minister explained that numerous patients have already used the painless dialysis method under the supervision of Pakistan’s top nephrologists.

MoITT and Ignite hailed the makers of Pakistan bloodless dialysis machine

The Minister Syed Amin Ul Haq also appraised the work done by Byonyks and its team for developing the first electromedical tool in Pakistan. The minister also added that the dialysis machine would be very helpful for the public who cannot afford the expensive treatment. The minister hoped that the citizens from the lower class will also get the maximum benefit from this latest technology.

The CEO of Ignite Syed Junaid Imam expressed his views in the meeting in which he said that Ignites seed funding constantly looks out for state-of-the-art ideas to invest which can be turned into a commercially feasible product. The Byonyk’s creation of bloodless dialysis machine serves our purpose and also saves patients regular hospital visits.

In Pakistan, the current dialysis system uses one million liters of water for every 10 patients each year, and with the Byonyks development, it will save 97 percent of the water during the process. Furthermore, with the current dialysis technique, you have the chance to infect yourself with Hepatitis C and other several blood-related contaminations.

In order to provide ease for those who rush towards hospitals twice a day, Byonyks is planning to bring down the cost of dialysis significantly.

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