Pakistani startup Byonyks invents affordable dialysis machine

Byonyks dialysis machine

A US-based medical device startup Byonyks in Lahore has successfully invented Pakistan’s first affordable and portable dialysis machine via which patients will now be able to avail the dialysis treatment at home.

The invention of the dialysis machine has become the comfort for many patients as they can go through the whole process by staying at home. According to the company statement, the invention called “Robo-Kidney” would be the country’s first innovation that will cater to both local and international kidney failure patients.

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Moreover, more than 72 percent of Pakistani kidney patients are infected with Hepatitis-C infections which are spread by traditional dialysis practices so the private company invented the hand-carry smart dialysis machine. The spokesman for the company Fawad Bajwa said, “The Company was Pakistan’s first advanced biomedical device designed and founded by Pakistani-American innovator Farrukh Usman and his local and international teams.”

The Byonyks dialysis machine is bloodless and affordable. It is designed by keeping in view the harsh local conditions, also it was designed after the consultation of leading nephrologists, medical specialists of Pakistan, and patients across the country and abroad.

According to the press release, “Byonyks has trained a workforce in Pakistan in collaboration with the world’s leading experts to develop the latest medical innovations.”

“It will improve the healthcare and wellbeing of kidney dialysis patients, reduce national disease burden, improve the national economy while developing national industrial production capability and export to global markets competing as the most innovative nation in South Asia,” the statement further maintained.

However, in Pakistan, neither such technology ever existed before nor it was invented or manufactured by anyone in the country. With the Byonyks dialysis machine, now it is easily available to help kidney failure patients to access dialysis that is affordable, pain-free, bloodless, portable, and in the comfort of their homes enabling them to save significant dialysis costs and continue earning their livelihoods and supporting their families.

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