Pakistan compiles 8-step plan for Covid-19 vaccination drive that starts next week

Pakistan vaccination

Covid-19 vaccination drive in Pakistan will be launched next week as the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) has outlined the country’s vaccination strategy against Covid-19 revealing an eight-step process for registration and vaccination.

On Wednesday, the Federal Minister for Planning Asad Umar announced the launch of the coronavirus vaccination drive by tweeting, “The system for vaccination is in place. Hundreds of vaccination centres in the country will be administering Covid vaccine.”

“God willing, the vaccination of front-line health workers will start next week,” he added.

Pakistan has so far approved three coronavirus vaccines, one is the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, second, the vaccine developed by Chinese state-owned firm China National Pharmaceutical Group (SinoPharm) and third, Russian-developed Sputnik V.

However, the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) outlined a strategy against coronavirus with an eight-step process for registration and vaccination once the vaccines become available.

The NCOC statement says that after the consultation with all provinces and relevant stakeholders, the strategy was developed and finalized.

“The purpose of the strategy is to vaccinate people in a healthy environment and in accordance with health guidelines through a concrete plan.”

The forum said that an online portal, National Immunisation Management System (NIMS), has been created which will be operated by the NCOC. Human interaction within the portal will be minimized to keep the system transparent, it added.

The NCOC statement further said that the numerous Adult Vaccine Centers (AVC) have been established across Pakistan which will be run by the National Vaccination and Administration Control Cell (NVACC). In addition, coordination cells have also been established at provincial and district levels.

The eight-step registration process for Covid-19 vaccination revealed by NCOC:

  1. You will have to send your CNIC number to the Sehat Tahaffuz helpline 1166 through SMS or the NIMS website
  2. The system will verify your address and confirm registration and you will be sent details of your designated AVC along with a unique PIN code. If the designated AVC is outside your current tehsil, you can change it through the NIMS web portal or by calling 1166 helpline within five days of receiving the first SMS
  3. Once the vaccine arrives at your centre, you will be contacted for an appointment for vaccination
  4. After confirmation and registration, you will have to take your original CNIC and PIN code to the centre on the appointed day
  5. Staff at the vaccination centre will verify your CNIC and PIN code
  6. After verification, you will receive the COVID-19 vaccine
  7. Vaccine staff will enter your details in NIMS and a confirmation message will be sent to you through SMS
  8. You will have to remain at the AVC for 30 minutes for post-inoculation monitoring for any adverse effects

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