Pakistan beats India in textile exports to United States

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According to Sourcing Journal, a credible source for textile sector information, Pakistan had an outstanding performance among textile export destinations worldwide during February. The country has beaten India in apparel exports to the United States in February 2021.

“We were the only main exporter with increased apparel supply to America during Covid-19,” said Adviser to PM on Commerce Abdul Razak Dawood in comments to the media.

The report released by Apparel Resources, another international platform that gives insights into textile industry exports says that Pakistan had been on the top position in the list of countries that export textile.

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Generally, India and Bangladesh perform better than Pakistan but this time Pakistan has performed better than its neighboring countries despite all the challenges of coronavirus faced worldwide.

Although the apparel import value of the US, a prominent destination for textile exports, reduced to 8.7% year-on-year to $5.39 billion in February 2021. Whereas, its volume improved 3.2% and Pakistan was on top of the list of countries which witnessed a hike in their textile exports.

Some other countries that recorded growth in exports included China, Bangladesh and Egypt. Meanwhile, Pakistan and China managed to increase their apparel shipments to the US in terms of value and volumes both. “Pakistan is showing the world that we are a reliable supply destination,” Dawood emphasised.

India, Vietnam and Indonesia experienced a decline in textile exports to the US both in value and volume terms.

The PM aide added that government policies for the textile industry played a significant role in exports. “Our vision is to promote ‘Make in Pakistan’,” Dawood remarked.

As per the analyst’s remarks, “Countries now want to diversify their supply chain and this is a good chance for Pakistan to grab its share in countries which imported products from other countries previously.”

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