Pakistan allows all inbound international flights to operate at full capacity

Pakistan inbound flights

All inbound international flights have been allowed to operate at full capacity after Pakistan relaxed restrictions from November 10 amid a “downward trend” in coronavirus infections across the globe in accordance with recommendations from the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC).

According to the statement issued by NCOC on Wednesday in Islamabad, “After enforcement of obligatory vaccination for inbound travel in Pakistan with effect from Oct 21, Covid-19 related travel policy and health/testing protocol has been revised. Inbound air traffic will now operate at full quantum with effect from Nov 10, 2021.”

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The statement says that five countries have been placed in category C on the basis of high positivity, high daily Covid-19 cases/deaths, and low vaccination rate. The countries are Armenia, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Iraq, and Mexico. Russia, Iran, Ethiopia, Germany, the Philippines and Afghanistan have also been put on the list of high-risk (Category) for continuous monitoring, but no travel restrictions have been imposed.

Pakistan allows inbound flights at full capacity

All countries including high-risk ones were placed in category B with no inbound travel restrictions. Mongolia, Slovenia, Thailand, Tobago, and Ukraine have been placed on the list of high-risk countries. The statement says that testing protocols are applicable on all inbound border terminals except Afghanistan.  

The statement further says, “Afghanis entering Pakistan through border terminal are exempted from vaccination certificates or showing Rapid Antigen Test (PCR) test results. They will however undergo stringent testing/quarantine protocol as already emplaced.”  

Moreover, a source of Health Ministry said, “Countries in category A are exempted from the mandatory Covid-19 test, traveling from areas in B category require a negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test that must be taken within 72 hours of the travel date while people coming from nations in category C are restricted and can travel only under specific NCOC guidelines.” 

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