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Pakistan achieves global climate change goal a decade ahead of deadline

Pakistan climate goal

Pakistan with its steadfast focus on the plantation, investment in clean energy and biodiversity conservation achieved Goal 13 of UN Climate Action 10 years ahead of its 2030 deadline.

The United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) Pakistan released its 2020 report which revealed that Pakistan achieved its SDG-13 goal before the 2030 deadline.

The news is very delightful for Pakistan as the country performed very well by doing important and noteworthy work on environmental safety and finalized different projects which carry the positive result.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) released its statement on Twitter by tweeting that “UNDP in Pakistan @climatechangePK celebrate the achievement of SDG13, and our longstanding strategic partnership. With technical support from @UNDP Pakistan completed SDG13 before 2030 deadline”.

The leader of Pakistan Tahreek Insaaf Andaleeb Abbas also shared this news of Pakistan meeting the UN climate goal on Twitter.

Pakistan plans on achieving other Climate Change goals

Pakistan reached the milestone set by UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goal 13 of climate change before 10 years of its deadline. The UNDP urge everyone to take action in order to fight climate change. The report was the annual global valuation of the countries’ steps towards meeting the SDG.

Malik Amin Aslam who is an Adviser to PM also said that achieving SDG13 before 2030 is a milestone accomplishment for hunting other objectives such as poverty, hunger dismissal, quality healthcare, education, sanitation, gender equality, justice and continuation of peace.

Malik also said that Pakistan showed that country is devoted to global efforts against environmental transformation challenges to safeguard this planet.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is very motivated towards changing the global environment and launched several projects which contributed to achieving this milestone. 10 Billion Tsunami Tree Programme, Clean Green Pakistan, Clean Green Pakistan Index, Eco-System, Protected Areas Initiative and a lot of other programs are included in the list.

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